ZZ Top


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Selección de álbunes

 Rio Grande Mud – 1972


Just Got Paid

Mushmouth Shoutin

Ko Ko Blue


Apologies to Pearly


Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell

Whiskey’n Mama

Down Brownie

Tres Hombres – 1973

Waitin’ For The Bus

Jesus Just Left Chicago


Tejas – 1977

It’s Only Love

Arrested For Driving While Blind

El Diablo

Ten Dollar Man

Avalon Hideaway

Degüello – 1979

I Thank You

She Loves My Automobile

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

A Fool for Your Stockings

Manic Mechanic

Dust My Broom

Lowdown in the Street

Hi Fi mama

Cheap Sunglasses

Esther Be the One

Eliminator – 1983

Gimme All Your Lovin

Got Me Under Pressure

Sharp Dressed Man

I Need You Tonight

I Got the Six



TV Dinners

Dirty Dog

If I Could Only Flag Her Down

Bad Girl

Afterburner – 1985

Sleeping Bag


Woke Up with Wood

Rough Boy

Can’t Stop Rockin

Planet of Women

I Got the Message

Velcro Fly

Dipping Low (In the Lap of Luxury)